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December 24, 2010
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Sammy's Christmas party by 101boy Sammy's Christmas party by 101boy
Sammy Redtail is hosting a Christmas party and has invited all his friends. Sammy is serving hot cocoa to his guests and is wearing a maitre de outfit to fit the part.

Sammy:"more hot cocoa, sir?"

Fred P Bear:" No mas Mi amigo! if I have another cup I'll turn into a chocolate bar! hee,hee!"

Racer Rabbit comes over his girlfriend Amelia Goldenrod Hare

Racer: "you look beautiful this evening my dear"
Amelia:"oh look! were under the mistletoe!"
Racer: (looks up) "I don't see any mistletoe"
(Amelia holds up mistletoe she had hidden behind her back)
Amelia: "you do now!"
Amelia gave Racer a big kiss on the lips
Racer: (blushing) "I see!" Racer and Amelia continue to kiss

below the two love bunnies are two bear cubs having fun with an electric train set.

Molly: "make it go faster Kit!"
Kit: "okay but not too fast the speed limit for freight trains is 60 MPH you know!"

moving on to the right are Snorkel Bear and Swim Bear skipping the light fantastic. Swim dressed in a pretty pink party dress and Snorkel dressed as prince charming

Swim: "you know this would be easier to do underwater"
Snorkel: "I know but sometimes we have to try things on dry land for a change,were not fish you know"
Swim: your right, we do dance so devinely together don't we?
Snorkel: "we sure do my love"

and at the far right next to the Christmas tree are Shimmeringstar Bear and Wish Bear exchange presents to each other and are wearing warm winters clothes in each others colors.

Shimmers: (opening his box and pulls out a crystal star) "Oh how beautiful Wish! I love it! but not as much as I love you my dear!" (shimmers kisses Wish on the cheek)

Wish: "I wanted to give you the stars so I went to the sto- err i mean went up in the sky and plucked one from the heavens for you" (giggles)

Shimmers: "thank you my sweet"(Shimmers kisses Wish on the lips) "now open yours!"

Wish: (opening her box and her paws fly to her face) "Oh my!, It's so wonderful! I love it!(Wish huggles Shimmers and gives him lots of kisses)

Shimmers: "I wanted to give you my heart and there it is,well not physically but you get the..Smooch!"

Wish:"thank you very much my love..this one is for keeps"

I wanted to get this in earlier,but I needed to make sure :iconeternaldragonstear: liked the way Shimmers and Wish looked in the pic and then there was this dinner party that my dad came to so he could give me and my sisters presents so this is in a bit late for Christmas eve,but just in time for Christmas.hopefully there a few deviants that wont be to busy with food,family, and friends to look at my gallery(just kidding!)

I'd like to wish you all a merry Christmas and a happy(and healthy) New Year. now off to bed with you before Santa comes
HE SEES YOU WHEN YOUR SLEEPING,HE KNOWS WHEN YOUR AWAKE!(booming echo),but don't worry Chuck Norris will take care of Santa with a round house kick to him and his eight tinyreindeer!

and...... Sammy Redtail belongs to :icon101boy:, Fred P. Bear belongs to :iconfredvegerano:, Racer Rabbit and Amelia Goldenrod Hare belong to :icontheevstar:, Kit Cloudicker and Molly Cunningham belong to Walt Disney Co., Snorkel Bear and Swim Bear belong to :icon101boy:, Shimmeringstar Bear belongs to :iconeternaldragonstear: and Wish Bear belongs to Nelvana/American Greetings/Those Characters from Clevland

see you next year!
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I like this christmas picture so much! Whats to come from your christmas picture this year I wonder?... I can only wait and see!
101boy Dec 10, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
you'll just have to wait and see^^,but I promise there will be a pic up in time for Christmas^^
Sweet! I hope it'll be like this one!
Anyway, you have yourself a Merry Christmas and a happy new year!
101boy Dec 25, 2010  Hobbyist General Artist
ditto :-)
They all look like they're enjoying themselves. I got that new greatest driving game Gran Turismo 5 and I've been playing it like mad!! It has the Ford GT on it so no doubt the Evmobile is soon to make it's appearence in the game sometime!
101boy Dec 25, 2010  Hobbyist General Artist
thats great! please tell me it has a Ferrari in it!(my favorite car) and a merry Christmas and a happy new year to you too! :-)
It has more than a Ferrari. IT HAS 11. Mostly modern ones like the Enzo and the new 458 and even a couple of their Formula One race cars!
101boy Dec 25, 2010  Hobbyist General Artist
wow! makes me want to get a PS3 if I had the money LOL well enjoy your game hope it doesn't distract you from your great character work :-)
It won't i've still got to get used to it.
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